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Smart Bag

“I am enjoying my new Coakley Tote! I love it, and I’m very grateful for everything! I will spread the word! Thanks for creating such a smart bag! It holds my 15” wide format perfectly with added room for all my handbag items in the pockets.”

—Monica B., Georgia

Loved it

“I absolutely LOVE my clutch. It is designed to fit my wallet, my small bag of personal items, my cell phone and my business cards. I take it everywhere I can. But when the situation calls for more stuff, I drop it right into my Suede Tote and I’m off with all my business papers, laptop and I even have a place to put a spare diaper and wipes for my 2-year-old. I also love that I no longer feel like a bag lady carrying around 3 tote bags of varying designs.

My Suede Tote is absolutely the best bag I’ve ever owned and I should know, I have a closet full. It has just the right compartments for everything I need to carry including my laptop. I am actually carrying my laptop around more now because the bag makes it so easy to do. I can’t imagine life before my Coakley Business Class and I’ve only had it one week!”

—Laura B., Virginia

New Companion

“Into my 4th week on the job, and I’m still loving it! And my boss sent me to computer school Monday and yesterday! And rather than dragging in my briefcase, I used ONLY my new Everyday Hobo, which held my notebook and application manual – no need to bring a separate bag!

Meanwhile, I got off the little minibus that picks me up at the train station every morning and a woman who works for the NYC Department of Transportation stopped me and complimented me on my bag. Well, of COURSE I gave her the full schpiel and raved about Coakley! She loved the style AND the magnets AND all of the pockets/storage areas AND the light colored interior. Your loyal baguette.”

—Sue E., New York

Multipurpose Bag

“I have never been able to find a bag that fit both my business and active lifestyle. For years, I carried around a corporate briefcase for meetings and a large backpack for all other types of activities. It was impractical and not very aesthetic. Your bag has changed all that! Finally, I have a bag that fits my lifestyle. I now can use it for formal meetings, traveling and when I want to take a walk with my family. It is functional, diverse and very aesthetic. I could not be happier.”

—Soraya M., New Jersey

Traveling made easy

“Thought I’d send a quick note & let you know that the bag really came through. I was able to fit everything I needed for my international flight; all my gear was accessible and easy to find. Thanks for getting it to me in time for my business trip.”

—Lynn C., Kentucky

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