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About Coakley Bags

We believe women deserve better. Just think about what you carry every day – a purse, a laptop bag or a briefcase – not to mention the contents of each. And some days, you’re also carrying your water bottle, lunch and even a change of shoes. Voila! You’ve achieved the Bag Lady look! With Coakley Business Class products, you can say goodbye to multiple bags or the overstuffed bottomless pit satchel and use one bag to carry all that you need. And you’ll look great doing it!

We believe that details count. Coakley bags are designed to provide purpose and function with all their features. In fact, we have a patent for our unique dual closing zipper cover on our totes, providing security, versatility, and weather protection. The Portfolio features a trademark ‘tuck away leather lid’ allowing you full access to the bag when you need it so you don’t have to fight with the flap. Each Coakley bag also features a brand tag which doubles as a lipstick mirror. The Travel size Tote features two layered internal side pockets that can even carry your city girl shoes!


Finding the right bag to fit a woman’s busy lifestyle can be daunting. Discover the new category of bag that does it all. Coakley has fused functionality with cutting-edge fabric technology to make a bold fashion statement. These three-in-one bags house your tech devices, work materials and handbag essentials in a unique pocket system. Carry a Coakley and set yourself free!



With Coakley® Bags, The Secret is on The Inside™. Each bag is packed with vital features that help you carry your business and personal essentials with ease, offering quick access or security based on what you deem important. The padded laptop compartment cradles your laptop/ tablet and business folders while the roomy main compartment allows you to carry your daily essentials. Each bag has over 10 pockets inside and out, allowing you to organize your purse and personal items in style, avoiding the frustrations of the ‘bottomless pit’ of most designer bags. Innovative and stylish bags designed for the lifestyle needs of every woman.

The absolute BEST part of the Coakley Totes is that they meet the size specifications to be the second carry-on bag for airline travel. Both the Everyday and Travel size bags slide under the seat in front of you while keeping your essential items secure and accessible. The pocket organization system provides the added benefit of speeding your bag through TSA security checks taking the stress out of carry-on travel.


When men make decisions, they’re looking for a “good solution.” When women make decisions, we’re searching for “the perfect answer.” Let’s face it ladies, finding the perfect bag is frustratingly difficult. The Coakley® Collection was designed and created by Mary E. Repke to meet the work and lifestyle needs of style conscious women on the go. Women deserve better – women deserve Coakley.

Surveying over 500 women, we confirmed that most women who commuted from car or train to office or traveled for business or pleasure wrestled with too many bags or an overstuffed pocketless satchel. Women were sorely in need of a more intelligent solution that organized and carried the essential contents from three bags into one.

Because she’s so proud of her bags and she desired to celebrate female ingenuity, she decided to honor the strong and savvy women on her mom’s side of the family – the Coakley women. Mary realized that the innovative, independent Coakley women inspired her throughout her life. The line is branded Coakley to celebrate and honor two generations of very special women– her grandmother, godmother, and her mom.

Each Coakley bag is full of details that will help you to organize your life on the go. Whether you choose a Signature Suede, Timeless Tweed, or Contemporary Classic, you’ll understand why the Coakley tagline is “Freedom. Innovation. Style.”

Care for your Coakley

When you invest in a Coakley, you invest in yourself. Each Coakley bag is designed to be as hard-working as you are but we recognize that accidents do happen. The materials we use have all been selected because they can be cleaned and they are stain-resistant to a point.

  • Cleaning your bag: You can clean your bag with the same materials you would use on your clothes. Occasionally you may need your bag professionally cleaned. We recommend you take your bag to a quality shoe repair store who cleans handbags, leathers and even UGGS. If you don’t have access to one, contact Coakley and we can quote you a price to use our specialty shoe and bag repair store.
  • Suggestions for caring for your bag:
    • Hang your bag on a door knob for a few days upon receipt to help relax the handles.
    • Take care when placing your bag in the back seat of your car to avoid curling up the bottom of the leather strap below the buckle.
    • Tighten the screw mounted side expansion posts if you use them frequently. If you lose one, let us know and we can provide a replacement part.
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